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Adjust the Tactility Ribs freely

Justso Grip is a customizable ergonomic undergrip for padel rackets. The amount, positions and angles of the Tactility Ribs are adjusted freely - making it easy to tailor the perfect grip for your unique hand size and gripping preference. Justso grip fits all padel rackets and works with all overgrips.

A custom ergonomic grip means less slipping, more accurate aim and reduced strain in hands, wrists & arms.


Tailor it to your hand size & gripping style

01. Apply Tactility Ribs

Remove pre-existing undergrip before applying the Tactility Ribs to get as slim grip as possible. Or keep it on to get a thicker grip.

02. Adjust Tactility Ribs

Adjust the amount, position and angle of the Tactility Ribs until they fit your hand size and gripping preference.

03. Apply Set Sleeve

Slide the Set Sleeve over the racket handle and Tactility Ribs.

04. Mold Set Sleeve

When heat is applied the Set Sleeve automatically molds to the racket handle, effectively locking the Tactility Ribs in the desired position. The Set Sleeve molds to any racket.

05. Apply overgrip

Your Justso grip is installed! Simply apply your favorite overgrip and start playing. Justso grip works with all overgrips.

Slim-fit polymer sleeve

Minimal increase of racket grip thickness

Injury preventing

Reduces over-squeezing and correlated injuries in hands & arms

Eco friendly packaging

Flat pack and fully paper based packaging design

Flexform technology

Molds effortlessly to any underlying racket grip shape

Adaptive rib protrusion

Ribs are always visible and tactile - even with very thick grips

Anti-torsion stability

Reduces racket twisting from strokes that hits outside the sweet spot

Flat pack installation kit

Paper based and recyclable packaging

01. Tactility Ribs

The Tactility Ribs are designed specifically to optimize the gripping properties of the Justso grip. They are made from silicone rubber with 35 Shore A softness, meaning they are balanced to be flexible and soft enough for a comfortable grip - but rigid enough to not allow the racket to twist in your hand. Each Tactility Rib weighs 1 gram. 

02. Set Sleeve

The Set sleeve is made from thin polyethylene with only ca 0,8 mm thickness after molding and weighs ca 12 grams. The slim profile allows you to keep the feeling and control of a slim grip, while gaining the comfort and friction that an ergonomic undergrip provides. 
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